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  1. Dear: Sir/madam. I am a big fan of this page and maps and how they convey a simple message easily but again very much triggered by the fact that you’re ignorant about Somalia 🇸🇴 since the only thing that you know about somalia is pirate 🏴‍☠️ . I suggest you change emoji you placed in Somalia’s because pirates don’t represent us . The whole pirate thing was between 2004-2012 and it’s exist at all . There are many things are unique for somalia e.g camels 🐪 ( we have the largest camel population in the world) sea 🌊 we have longest coastline in mainland Africa, or you can put frankincense tree but you can’t put a whole country only pirates .

    1. You are right about the camel population. We’ve just changed it.

  2. Jarmo von Finland

    Sauna emoji for Finland is utterly wrong, it looks more like a Turkish bath. Firstly, you don’t wear clothes in the sauna, so the robe should go out. Secondly, steam goes up top (it rises from the stove) instead of pouring from below. Thirdly, currently the hair looks unnaturally dry, even though the person should be sweating.

  3. You only have one emoji for the whole of the United Kingdom which is actually made up of 4 countries. I would suggest one for each England, Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland. The map does say “One for each country”. Great work!

    1. Sure! We are working in a second version with even more emojis

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