The names of Prague's districts, its gender and the preposition used
Nobody said it would be easy

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and is divided into 10 municipal districts (1-10), 22 administrative districts (1-22), and 57 municipal parts. In Czech languages, each of them is grouped in one of the three grammatical genders: Feminine (ženský rod), neuter (střední rod), and masculine(mužský), which can be animated or inanimated. Also, each district has assigned a preposition, either na or v (also ve), and decline in one of the seven grammatical cases, locative (šestý pád or lokál).


  • MJ – Masculine singular
  • ŽJ – Feminine singular
  • SJ – Neuter singular
  • MM – Masculine plural
  • ŽM – Feminine plural

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