9 Maneras de dividir CyL

A map of nine ways to divide the region of Castilla y Léon in Spain
Nine ways to divide “Castilla y León”

Nine ways to divide Castilla y León. Castille and Leon is a region in the center of Spain. Created in 1983 and formed by nine provinces, in the past existed more like: Toro and Vierzo. It occupies the Northern Plateau, which is scoured by Douro basin. However is not the only watersheds. Also, not all of it is flat, the plateau is sourendered by a horseshoe of mountains, except on the Portugese border.

The region is huge: 94,222 km2. It is the biggest one in the country (18.6% of Spain). On the other hand it only represents 5.69% of its population, it has a very low population density and most of them elderly people. People here speak Castillian language (better known as Spanish), but not exclusively. Leonese and Galician enjoy recognision and protection. At least in paper. It also exists Palra d’El Rebollar, a dialect of Leonese or Extremaduran.

The typical seasons are long cold winters and short hot summers.

On April 23 they celebrate the regional holiday, the Villalar day, after the battle that took place there where the Comuneros were defeated by the royalist.

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